Fixity repair kits ahoy!

From DVDs to plasma TVs, the Fixity range has all your cleaning needs covered.

  • The Fixity product range is available from a variety of retailers, including Sanity, Kmart and Big W.

  • Fixity Disc counter box.

  • Fixity Clean Screen counter box.

  • Fixity Lens is a multipurpose lens cleaner that can be used on PCs, CD/DVD players and games consoles (excluding the PlayStation 3). It eradicates dust and other contaminants from the laser lens for smoother and more reliable sound/picture quality. The kit consists of a compact disc with a two brush wet/dry system and a special cleaning solution. (RRP: $9.95)

  • The Fixity Disc pack attempts to extend the life of your DVDs by removing surface scratches and stains. The kit consists of a cleaning compound sachet and three specially designed wipes. One repair kit will repair up to 10 discs, including DVDs, CDs and video game discs. (RRP: $4.95)

  • Fixity Lens counter box.

  • Fixity Clean Screen product range.

  • Micro Chamois polishing cloth.

  • Fixity Clean Screen is a specially formulated cleaning solution designed for LCD and plasma screens. Unlike regular cleaning solvents, it won't fog or damage the antiglare coatings commonly found on LCD displays. The MAXI kit consists of a 200mL spay bottle and a Micro Chamois polishing cloth (smaller and cloth-free kits are also available). Fixity Clean Screen is suitable for all Plasma and LCD displays, including televisions, computers and notebooks. (RRP: $39.95)

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