The seven most sinful fatalities in MadWorld

Sega's bloody brawler

  • Jumping Backbreaker

    Street Fighter's hairy-chested Zangief may have a devastating pile driver, but Jack has the ultimate backbreaking finisher that would make even the world wrestling champ quiver in his boots.
  • Little Eddy

    Little, or shall we say "Big," Eddy is the first boss to be revealed from MadWorld. Little Eddy looks like a monstrous S&M ogre and wields an enormous morning star flail. The trick is to chainsaw one of Eddy's shins and he will pick you up. Break the death squeeze and plunge your chainsaw into Eddy's forehead.
  • Road Side Vandalism

    The environment is your playground. Pick up tires and slap them over an enemy's torso to keep his arms at bay. Better yet, pile on two or three tires and then jab a steel street sign through his head. Best of all; keep sticking street signs in his head until he looks like a mutilated version of Pinhead from Hellraiser.
  • Man Darts

    A variety of mini-games centered around ridiculous deaths appear in each stage. Man Darts, for instance, is a game in which you must club enemies full-force so that they stick onto a gigantic dart board. Remember, this is a game of darts, so you'll want to aim for the higher point value tiles.
  • Double Dagger Seppuku

    MadWorld's main character Jack is a brawler at heart, but he's plenty adept with sharp blades. I mean, "You got to love a guy that straps a chainsaw to his arm and can hack somebody in half" without flinching. One fatality in particular has Jack slicing an enemy's face into sashimi before jabbing both daggers into his kidneys, lifting him into the air, and ripping his body in two.
  • Rose Bush

    Spiked walls, floors and ceilings litter the streets and subway stations of Varrigan City. Pick up enemies and throw them into a spiked Rose Bush wall for one of the more cringe-worthy fatalities in the game.
  • MadWorld wears its influences on its blood-encrusted sleeves. It's got the up-close action and chainsaw-friendly combat of Gears of War. It's got the black and white (with splashes of blood red) comic book style of Sin City. Then there's the mix of irreverent humor and ultraviolence that was so prevalent (and welcome) in No More Heroes. And let's not forget the God of War-esque brand of stylish bloodletting that makes gamers feel alive. Simply put, MadWorld is a mixture of several great ideas from many action games, and the results are bloody fantastic.
    The premise: the fictional Varrigan City has been overrun by a terrorist group called "The Organizers" who have transformed the city into a televised game show called "Death Watch," a form of shock TV. Death Watch pits the city's citizens against an elite group of enemies and monstrous bosses. You play as Jack, a hardened brawler who has every intention, and the brute strength, to make it out alive.

  • Human Garbage

    Throw an enemy into a dumpster and watch the lid come down on their stomach like a chopping block. But that's not before picking them up by the ankles and bashing them over and over into the ground like an upside down pendulum.
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