Slideshow A Google-killer?

The search-engine that would be king

  • Clicking on an entry in the panel simply adds the term to your original search terms, as seen in the upper-left of the screen. Cuil say that the kinks are being worked out of the system, and that its algorithms produce results based on context, rather than Google-style popularity.

  • When we performed the crucial “PC World Australia” search test, our official page appeared to be counted as less relevant than Wikipedia entries. To the upper-right of the screen is a Cuil innovation — drill-down category boxes that theoretically link to subjects related to your search entry.

  • Cuil (pronounced “cool”) is a new search engine built by former Google engineers. Cuil claimed at launch that the 120 billion pages it indexes is three times the number of pages Google does. However, a Google blog entry noted that the search giant had 1 trillion unique URLs in their database.

  • Cuil is offering Firefox integration. Cuil also has one up on Google in terms of privacy, with no IP addresses or user information being stored by the company.

  • As a quick search of Cuil via the Cuil search engine discovered, however, this isn’t always the case. The roll-over definitions is a definite plus, but we often found the information linked-in was simply irrelevant.

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