12 Soul Calibur characters we'd love to see

Yoda and Vader are nice, but there's many more famous fictional characters we'd love to see fight for the sacred sword.

  • 10- Ico

    Ico is no stranger to fighting for his life, and in his next adventure, he's going to need a new sword to fend off any shadowy menaces. Now an experienced hero, the boy born with horns becomes a skilled fighter on the stages against the fiercest pursuers of Soul Calibur. The boy of bad omens returns to stick it to the evil doers with a big stick of doom.
  • 5- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Move over, Yoda. It's pizza time! These green heroes in a half-shell are no strangers to martial arts or the arcade fighting genre. Picture this: when these ninja teens aren't busy with Shredder's Foot Clan, they're on a mission to find the elusive sword in which the story revolves. And the turtles could easily find themselves in a situation facing any of the Soul Calibur regulars — just imagine: Leonardo's katanas, Michaelangelo's nunchucks, Donatello's bo, and Raphael's sai battling against the world!
  • 1- Kratos

    Rumours about the God of War series' barbarous protagonist making an appearance in the PlayStation 3 version of Soul Calibur IV have already been printed in the latest issue of EGM, and we're on tenterhooks to see if this turns out to be true. Sure, the Soul Calibur series has seen its share of impressive weaponry over the years, but Kratos' flesh-grinding Athena's Blades put it all to shame.
  • 6- Rygar

    Tecmo's been sitting on this one for far too long. While the company had no qualms about putting Ninja Gaiden's Ryu Hayabusa in Dead or Alive, the titular character from Rygar hasn't been able to spin his kickass weapon, the Discarmor, in a fighting game. Soul Calibur IV just seems like the perfect game for Ryg to whip that thing out.
  • 12- Marcus Fenix

    Why not bring a gun to a sword fight? Our pitch — in the midst of a massive battle against the Locust, Marcus Fenix runs out of bullets and calls for the Hammer of Dawn at the same time as the tremendously incompetent Damon Baird. When the streams cross, it creates a vortex that leads to 16th Century. Without any ammo, Marcus is forced to rev up his Chainsaw Bayonet and slice up his opponents in order to find a weapon that can kill the Queen for good.
  • 11- Toxie

    No one-on-one fighting game is complete without at least one ridiculous character you can play as. Tekken has had everything from panda bears to kangaroos. Why not make things even weirder by throwing the mop-wielding Toxic Crusader into the mix? A mop might not seem like a deadly weapon, but Toxie has literally reduced people's faces to mush while only using his trusted floor-cleaning tool.
  • 9- Dante

    Alas, Dante has yet again been denied of a place among the Soul Calibur roster. Although he almost made an appearance in a previous Soul Calibur game for the PS2, the rumor never came into fruition. Already armed with Rebellion and/or Force Edge, we'd love to see this anti-hero hack, slash, and blow opponents away with Ebony and Ivory.
  • 7- Kroenen

    This menacing-looking gas-masked Nazi in black leather from Hellboy may not be as well-known as the other characters on this list, but he'd definitely be a worthy addition to Soul Calibur IV's roster of combatants. Between his katar-blades which shoot out of his sleeves, his police baton-like tonfas, and his German issue Luger, this goose-stepping occultist has no shortage of weapons to thrash his enemies with.
  • 2- Ash Williams

    Good, bad, he's the guy with the gun. But Ash's sawed-off double barrel 12-gauge shotgun isn't the only thing the hero who hails from Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy is packing. He also has a fully functional chainsaw in place of his right hand which became severed during Evil Dead II.
  • 4- Pit

    While gamers may be happy as clams about the inclusion of Darth Vader and Yoda, Link's appearance in Soul Calibur II may have managed to set even more fanboy hearts aflutter. If the impossible happened, and Namco was able to create Soul Calibur IV for the Wii, which Nintendo character would join the fray this time? May we humbly suggest Pit, Kid Icarus' classic cupid-looking kid made badass in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? His versatile weapon is unlike any other in the Soul Caliburverse, transforming from speedy bow to brutal dual-swords in an instant, and his classic look wouldn't totally be out of place in the 16th century, unlike most Soul Calibur cameos. And finally, it would be a nice gesture by Nintendo, who will probably never produce another Kid Icarus game in our lifetimes.
  • 3- Cloud

    Remember Ehrgeiz? It's probably better that you didn't. Released not long after Final Fantasy VII became a blockbuster, it was a second-rate fighting game featuring Cloud and a few of his compatriots. The game managed to fulfill a few fanboy desires, but little else. It's time for Square to give the emo-hero and his giant sword a real fighting game to play around in. The company's already sullied the memory of FFVII with Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus, so what damage could an out-of-place cameo do at this point?
  • 8- Simon Belmont

    As far as vampire killers go, Simon Belmont is among the most reputable protagonists of them all. Already famous for his cameo appearance in several Konami games unrelated to the Castlevania series, he can also be seen in upcoming games including New International Track and Field as an unlockable character on the DS, and Castlevania Judgment, a 3D fighter for the Wii. As Simon is being introduced to the arcade fighting genre, it only makes sense that we see him whipping the competition away as a bonus character in Soul Calibur IV.
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