Enterprise apps for the iPhone

  • NetSuite SuitePhone: SuitePhone lets you run a range of NetSuite operations from your iPhone. NetSuite's UI is supported via Safari, so all the familiar touches like dropdown menus, inline editing, and drag-and-drop portlets are present. Plus, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce functionality is also included. Users can view dashboards, manage leads, check forecasts, generate quotes and orders, view reports, and even create expense reports right in the palm of your hand. []

  • Coghead Coglets: Coghead allows any fool to create database-driven Web apps using Web-based tools and without writing any code. Basically, you configure your own app, publish it on, and share it with the community or not -- as you like. Coglets, which you generate using a simple wizard, expose small slices of your app (think forms and tables) that you can embed in other Web pages. Standard Web stuff, and not iPhone-native, but hey, very handy. []

  • Pentaho iPhone BI extension: Want your pie charts to go? Then consider Pentaho's new iPhone extension to Open BI Suite 1.7, an open-source business intelligence solution introduced earlier this year. Users can drill down into interactive reports and navigate their way around dashboards displaying predefined performance indicators, but no editing of content is allowed. Installing the iPhone extension is not for newbies and requires manual copying off .jar files and a slight bit of XML editing. []

  • Zimbra for iPhone 2.0: The Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) stands out with tight integration of e-mail, calendar, contacts, IM, and even XML-based documents and spreadsheets. The docs have been left behind, but the mail, calendar, and contacts are fully supported on iPhone via the Zimbra Web Client (right). Even better, the spanking new Zimbra for iPhone 2.0 (left) supports direct, automatic synch from ZCS to the native Apple iPhone mail, address book, and calendar apps. []

  • Etelos CRM for the iPhone: Just like it sounds, Etelos CRM for the iPhone packs features of the SaaS company's on-demand CRM app into an interface tuned specifically for the iPhone. The AJAX client lets users interact with Etelos CRM to manage all those things salespeople need to track and manage: contacts, leads, pitch meetings, retreats in Cabo, when to pick up the dry cleaning, and where to meet for drinks. []

  • iGoogle: The AJAX support in the Safari browser drove the Google mobile team to create an optimized version of their software for the iPhone. iGoogle brings you Gmail, the Calendar, the Reader, and access to Google Docs. Just in the last two weeks, the team delivered Google Talk and Google Mobile App, a native iPhone search application with smart features that saves you typing and leverages your current location to drop your search results on Google Maps. []

  • @task for iPhone: On-demand project management application @task was one of the first business apps available for the iPhone -- because, well, when you're strolling through the golf course, laying on the beach, or steering into In-N-Out Burger, it's easy to forget what needs to be done. Never lose sight of your tasks and issues, always know when the widgets arrive, and for crying out loud, pull out that iPhone and report your status! []

  • Zmanda Web admin: Zmanda's Amanda Enterprise and Zmanda Recovery Manager allow iPhone users to kick off Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, and MySQL backups, perform point-and-click restores, and view backup reports -- in other words, to manage backup operations any time you care to think about them, and at any place within reach of a wireless network. In fact, you don't even need the iPhone. Any Web browser will do. []

  • Oracle Business Indicators for iPhone: Oracle embraced the iPhone 2.0 with a native iPhone client to Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, facilitating delivery of key financial, human resources, supply chain, and CRM metrics to bigwigs. The World's Largest Enterprise Software Company promises to follow with CRM solutions for the iPhone and support for key ERP approval processes. Steve and Larry sittin' in a tree ... []

  • iZoho: Zoho puts a whole productivity suite, and even a bunch of business apps, right in your Web browser. iZoho brings the essentials -- Writer, Sheet, Show, Mail, and Creator (odd name for a database, huh?) -- to your iPhone. At this point, however, it's look but don't touch; you can read the docs, but you can't edit them or create new ones. If you're just burning to be productive, put it in an e-mail -- and stay tuned. Zoho developers work fast. []

  • SugarCRM 5.1: The most popular open-source CRM product now has a home on the iPhone, with a browser-based wireless client that enables users to view and edit records in all core modules of the company's Sales Force Automation solution, including Opportunity, Contact, and Account Management. Expect full search capabilities plus hyperlinked phone numbers and e-mail addresses for quick dialing and messaging. The mobile client comes standard on the new 5.1 version, so no separate installation is required. []

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