Eight extremely embarrassing E3 moments

On gaming's biggest stage, these eight figures fell on their faces. Check out these eight extremely embarrassing E3 moments!

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6- Sony Steals Sega's Saturn Thunder (1995)

At E3 1995, Sega set up the bomb for E3 attendees when the company revealed that its in-development Sega Saturn console, scheduled to be released in September of 1995 would be released... immediately! Bumping the Saturn's release up six months to compete with the impending launch of the PlayStation contributed to it being a flop. Third parties were unaware of the surprise launch, leaving a meager launch game lineup, and the retail price of $US399 was unexpectedly high. Sony actually took most of the air out of Sega's tires at the same E3: Sony's keynote speaker went up on stage, said "Two hundred and Ninety-Nine Dollars" and walked off the stage. And with that, Sony became a legitimate console company.

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Eight extremely embarrassing E3 moments

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