Unwrapping the iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G comes out to play

  • The iPhone 3G retains the brilliant 3.5in screen of its predecessor.

  • The packaged SIM eject button will prevent the problems suffered by owners of the first-generation iPhone.

  • The Apple iPhone 3G.

  • The Apple iPhone 3G.

  • Although we were only able to get our hands on the white version of the iPhone, we managed to have a look at both the white and black in order to compare them. Surprisingly, the device’s back seems unlikely to attract fingerprint marks, but dust may be an issue.

  • Apple has implemented vastly superior speakers in the new iPhone 3G, enhancing the device’s music playback and speakerphone capability.

  • The new iPhone has changed somehow from its older brother, having a more tapered professional look. The result is a marginally thicker phone that feels much sleeker in the hand.

  • The iPhone’s packaging has changed slightly since the first edition. The charger has been reduced to little more than a plug, and the dock that came bundled with the first iPhone has been dropped from the retail package. Thankfully, Apple has finally seen fit to package a SIM card eject tool to prevent the sore thumbs suffered by owners of the original iPhone.

  • We managed to get our hands on the all-new iPhone 3G from Apple. For those who didn’t manage to grab one in the chaos this morning, here is the white version, totally unboxed and naked for your viewing pleasure.

  • One of things about the iPhone is its silent switch, which allows users to easily switch between loud and vibrate at the literal flick of a button.

  • The Apple iPhone 3G.

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