Six demons we'd love to face in Diablo III

We name six fearsome demons we'd like to see make an appearance in Diablo III.

  • #3: MALPHAS

    Known For: Being President of Hell, delegating evil, and molting.
    Half raven, half man, Malphas doesn't sport the usual flag label pin and well-tailored suit like other presidents. For such a bird brain, it's interesting to note that he spends his days leading 40 legions of demons. One can only expect this winged politician has got to be one smooth talker, otherwise how does he keep so many demons in line?
    Would make a great Diablo 3 boss because:You don't fight the president, you fight his Cabinet, of course. This battle would be truly epic, wave upon wave of lesser demons, all while Malphas sits back and plans his State of the Underworld speech. How could this not be an awesome fight?
  • #6: ONI

    Known For: Being absolutely hideous, terrorizing Japanese villages, and swinging massive iron clubs.
    The Oni were a monstrous race of large Japanese demons, so powerful that they were virtually unstoppable. Japanese superstition arose in order to ward off these nasty ogres, and it was eventually found that the only creature able to best the Oni was the lowly monkey.
    Would make a great Diablo 3 boss because: One word: invincibility. In a fight against the Oni you would have to use your wits rather than your enchanted weapons, because they simply aren't going to go down without some pretty clever maneuvering. You take one look at these fiends with their long horns, huge razor-sharp claws, extra fingers, and big iron clubs ideal for shattering the bodies of man, and you'd know you wouldn't want to go anywhere near them unless you've undergone some serious leveling up.

    Known For: Being the embodiment of evil and good, destruction, and constant bickering.
    Angra and Spenta Mainyu are actually two beings, complete opposites, the demon of ultimate evil, and the angel of ultimate benevolence. In Zoastrian lore, Angra is pit against Spenta at opposite ends of the moral spectrum. It is Angra Mainyu that inspired the evil thinking that created the demons that torment the world, deceive mankind and do all manner of vicious acts. Spenta Mainyu, on the other hand is the god of life, the personification of every good act and feeling in this universe.
    Would make a great Diablo 3 boss because: Not only do you have to fight the embodiment of evil, but you must also deal with the embodiment of good. This means that during the showdown with them, one boss would likely have the ability to heal the other, and in concert they create an unbelievably devastating force. At the end of the day, purging the world of good and evil, the heroes are left to make their own fate, and after all, isn't that what all games are about?
  • #5: NEREAS

    Known For: Tormenting sailors, shape-shifting, and giving his enemies killer migraines.
    A statue of this fearsome water demon resides at the Acropolis Museum in Greece. Sporting 3 heads and carrying symbols representing the elements of fire, water, and air, Nereas has a wicked-looking triple serpent's tail, wings, and a habit of changing shape when you least expect it.
    Would make a great Diablo 3 boss because: Nereas, as we imagine him, would make an extremely tough boss simply because of his ability to switch between weilding 3 devastating elements. The fact that he can turn into whatever the hell he wants also doesn't make him any easier to defeat in a fight.
  • #4: LAMIA

    Known For: Her sculpted body, taste for sucking the blood of children, and preening her serpent's tail.
    After a torrid affair with Zeus, Lamia had a couple of kids. After Lamia's children were taken away from her, she went ballistic, turned into a demon, and started massacring every child in sight. So no, Lamia wouldn't be the greatest image to put on next year's Mother's Day card.
    Would make a great Diablo 3 boss because: Who doesn't like a little bit of vampiric sexiness in their boss monsters? Lamia's also the kind of demon that makes you understand those who decide to worship demons. She radiates cool, and as far as mechanics go, any boss that heals from stealing your health points is tough to slay.
  • #2: ASTAROTH

    Known For: Riding wolves in the nude, the Inquisition, and possibly being Aphrodite.
    Astaroth is very comfortable with his body, meaning no clothes for this demon. A demon of extreme power, Astaroth wields laziness and vanity on us unsuspecting mortals. This demon is also known for having some pretty bad-ass assistants: Aamon, Pruslas, Barbatos, and Rashaverak, none of which you'd want to meet in a dark alley, or even a well lit one. It's also rumored that Astaroth is a version of the goddess Aphrodite, but we really don't see the resemblance, do you?
    Would make a great Diablo 3 boss because:Everyone likes a multi-stage boss battle, and we can see this being one hell-of-a-grueling fight. First, you fight the lieutenants, all four of them, then the wolf-riding Astaroth, and then the last stage would be the demon, just you versus him. Also, you can be sure he'd drop killer loot after perishing.
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