The best MMORPGs of all time

When sleep is unimportant and coffee your best friend…

  • With 14 races and 15 classes, Everquest brought true fantasy to early online RPG-playing. Combining relatively good graphics with player vs. player combat, this game also offered immunity to players who wished to survive the 'griefers'.

  • Old skool gaming at its very best, Ultima Online is arguably the father of MMORPGs. Introducing the concept of online communities and in-game stories being woven into the fabric of the ‘world’ with in-game actors, it also helped coin the most hated type of player in the world — griefers, players who kill other players without their consent and for no reason but their victim’s suffering.

  • World of Warcraft (WoW) needs no introduction. The most popular MMORPG on the market has dominated the world and brought many players into the fold. Anyone stepping into an internet cafe will almost always see this game pottering along attached to a sweaty player as they battle monsters and earn gold.

  • Sci-fi MMORPG Eve Online combines a massive single-server game and an expansive range of systems with space-based combat and player-formed corporations. The result is a game that can range from slow and boring travel times to sudden pirate ambushes.

  • A game that has a massive South Korean following, Lineage II features first-person 3-D graphics and free “chronicles” twice a year that update the game’s plot and introduce new content.

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