Spore: from the Cell phase to Space

See Sporevolution in action!

  • The Tribal Phase

    Once you reach the Tribal Phase, things begin to get more complex. You're done evolving your creature, and now you can give your tribe tools, weapons and more. Food is the main currency in the Tribal Phase, and you can interact with other tribes.
  • The Cell Phase

    The cell phase teaches you to adapt to your environment, and essentially, survive. Mods like sharp teeth can help devour prey, and flippers or propellers can aid swimming. With so many options, each creature is bound to be incredibly different.
  • The Creature Phase

    When you emerge from the tide pool, you can either create your own creature or choose one from the potentially millions of creatures created by other Spore players. Once you do select a creature, you can either prey on others or make friends by learning to mimic other creatures.
  • The Space Phase

    The Space Phase is all about space colonisation. There are missions and goals that revolve around exploring and expanding the universe. Eventually, space travel will become the main mode of transportation, and apparently the universe is absolutely huge!
  • The Civilisation Phase

    The Civilisation Phase is the first time you'll see your Spore world as a whole. Here, you'll be creating and managing cities, and can view your planet from Space. A building editor is the main creator in this phase.
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