Philips' 2008 Consumer Lifestyle product range

We showcase the coolest products and gadgets from Philips’ Consumer Lifestyle launch

  • This week, Philips Australia launched its Consumer Lifestyle product range for 2008 against the eerie backdrop of a closed Lunar Park. Although the carnival atmosphere was lacking, there was still plenty to get excited about at the low-key event, with new HD TVs, home theatre systems, DVD recorders and multimedia players jostling for room among a deluge of homeware and grooming products. For a look at some of the highlights, check out the following slideshow.

  • Philips is also releasing a new 5000 Series and 7000 Series (pictured) range of LCD TVs.

  • This curious looking gadget it the USB Lock Out Jet Hematite memory key. With capacity for 1000 songs and 250 photographs, the padlock-inspired thumb drive features password protection software ensuring files are kept safe. (RRP: $299.95)

  • Philips also announced a new addition to its home-theatre SoundBar family, the HTS8140. Featuring Philips’ proprietary Ambisound technology, this all-in-one system delivers full multi-channel surround sound from a single speaker unit and a subwoofer. In addition, the included disc player offers HD up-scaling for standard format DVDs. The HTS SoundBar series also includes EasyLink, allowing for easy control of connected devices via HDMI CEC. Portable MP3 player functionality is supported, with the inclusion of an iPod dock for media playback with on-screen control. (RRP: $1199)

  • The Philips DVD5570H (pictured) and DVD550H are two new DVD recorders equipped with built-in digital standard definition tuners and 250GB/160GB hard disk drives. Both models offer video up-scaling to 1080p and 5.1 multi-channel audio recording, ensuring crystal-clear sound and pictures. The recorders also come with Philips’ One Touch functionality, which allows users to pause and replay live TV.

    The DVDR5520H can store up to 170 hours of TV, while the DVD5570H can store 300 hours. (DVDR5520H (160GB) RRP: $569.95, DVD5570H (250GB) RRP: $669.95)

  • Juice is all the rage these days. The Philips ALU Juicer and 750W Blender allow you to get that juice-boost outside of the mall. With over a million units already sold worldwide, the ALU Juicer's quality is pretty much guaranteed. The extra-large feeding tube swallows fruit and vegetables whole, with the powerful 700W motor making short work of seeds and pulp.

    In addition to fruit shakes, the 750W Blender can blend almost anything yo care to chuck inside it. With an illuminated multi-speed dial and dedicated ice crushing and mixing modes, users can blend to suit their taste — smooth and juicy, thick and creamy, or crunchy and icy. (Juicer RRP: $179.95, blender RRP: $139.95)

  • The SA5245BT with Bluetooth is the latest model in Philips’ GoGear portable multimedia range. It allows easy wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices for fast file sharing and wireless headphone use. The device incorporates FullSound technology, which allows you to hear the original, uncompressed sound of MP3 files. The GoGear SA5245BT features support for MP3, WMA, and FM radio music and WMV video files. It comes with 4GB of storage. (RRP: $209.95)

  • The MCM239D is a new micro hi-fi system with an elegant upright design. It can be used to play music from CD, CD-R and CD-RWs. It also has an iPod dock (compatible with iPod, iPod mini and iPod nano). Digital tuning with 40 preset stations, Dynamic Bass Boost and Sleep Timer functions are also included. (RRP: $229.95)

  • The star of the product launch was undoubtedly Phillips’ new range of 9000 Series LCD Flat TVs. These top-of-the-range televisions will feature the second generation of Perfect Pixel HD Engine technology. The addition of 100Hz Clear LCD technology provides ultra-sharp moving images with a motion response time of two milliseconds (2ms). Apparently, the Perfect Pixel HD Engine can display up to 2.250 trillion (!) colours at one time.

    Philips' new TV range has an energy standby power of 0.2W and will comply with the new voluntary 10-star energy rating system. The 9000 series will come in three different screen sizes: 42in, 47in and 52in. (42PFL9703D RRP: $3299, 47PFL9703D RRP: $3999, 52PFL9703D RRP: $5299)

  • Philips 750W Blender

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