HP's new 30-bit monitor

1 billion colours!

  • There are a whole host of calibration options, including the ability to shift from full colour (1 billion colours) to various RGB modes and user presets. The usual array of brightness, contrast and white balance options can also be adjusted.

  • Previously 30-bit panels were available but only in small numbers and at price tags that exceed $20,000. The LP2480zx is designed to change this, bringing a high quality, professional-grade screen down to a more affordable price point.

  • This screen carries the standard resolution for a display of its size, 1920x1200. This means it may also suit hardcore gamers who are willing to spend extra to have the best on the market. As you’d expect, it also sports a rotating design which is perfect for laying out pages with a portrait orientation.

  • The key thing to note about this panel is of course its 30-bit design. Most modern LCD monitors are 24-bit, meaning they can display 16.7 million colours. That’s more than enough for most consumers, but some people need an even more accurate colour balance from their display, and a 30-bit panel can provide that, with the capability to show 1 billion colours.

  • Originally developed at the request of Dreamworks Pictures, which HP works quite closely with, the LP2480zx has created some serious buzz across a huge variety of industries and is definitely one of the display products to watch in 2008.

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