Sit on this and rotate: world's first freeform apartment

Italian architect David Fisher begins construction on 'Dynamic Tower'

  • Apparently set to be populated by male models, diminutive maids and exotic dancers, the wealthy clientele will be enticed by a mixture of exclusive clubs, resort facilities and ultra-luxury villas throughout the top 10 floors.

  • The variety of rotational possibilities will mean the design is in constant flux. With floors able to rotate at different speeds, the actual motion of the building will become the fourth dimension of the overall architecture.

  • The first of these futuristic buildings is set to debut in Dubai. With more than 80 floors that can rotate up to once every hour, residents will be able to rotate their entire floor to receive better views. Who will decide on what rotates where is yet to be determined; many of the ultra-wealthy residents are sure to want a say.

  • The design also includes plans for a car park in the interior of the building.

  • Plans for a second rotating building are set for Moscow, where it is hoped the wealthy oligarch will jump at the chance to live in rotating skyscrapers teeming with male модели, diminutive горничные and exotic танцоры.

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