Five band-centric Guitar Hero games that would rock

Here's our wish list of the most-deserving bands that should have their own proper Guitar Hero game.

  • Nirvana

    Nirvana may have only released three studio albums before front man Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994, but their influence on music was seminal, nonetheless. The trio catapulted alternative rock into the mainstream in the early 90s with the sound of a generation, the loudest drums ever heard by man, and a whole lot of screaming. But the number one reason Nirvana should have its own version of Guitar Hero? The band rocked in a very hard way. And what better way to immortalize Cobain than with his own pretend guitar game?
    Essential tracks we want to play: "In Bloom," "Very Ape," "All Apologies," "Scentless Apprentice".
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers

    We've seen the Chili Peppers twice before in Guitar Hero (both 1 and 3), and yet their funk-inspired music has so much more to offer. The group has been churning out infectious grooves for nearly two decades, spanning several guitarist, and is perhaps the most distinct sounding group on our list. They also popularized funk rock. What's more, the bass riffs are just as inspired as the guitar licks (a double whammy), and there's an endless stack of fresh material to choose from.
    Essential tracks we want to play: "Give it Away," "Warped," "Soul to Squeeze," "Hump de Bump".
    HONORABLE MENTIONS: While Metallica technically equals others on our list in terms of sales, and Nirvana fails to meet our cited qualifications, the former has a reputation for being publicity douche bags, so I picked the latter. AC/DC was also strongly considered.
  • Van Halen

    How come the greatest guitar player of all time (in case you're out of the loop, it's Eddie Van Halen) has only been featured in one Guitar Hero game? It's a crime against humanity! Not only was Guitar Hero made for the face-melting solos and reliable bass lines of Van Halen, the group's catalog of music is spilling with hits — the most of any mainstream rock band, according to Billboard. But more importantly, the tablature for this game would be absurdly awesome, and a blast to play.
    Essential tracks we want to play: "Everybody Wants Some," "Panama," "Hot for Teacher".
  • Led Zeppelin

    For the band that invented heavy metal, it's a shame they've never been featured in a Guitar Hero game. Not once. Incredibly, the English quartet may very well be the most prolific rockers in history; all 10 of their albums reached the Billboard Top 10, six of which made number one. And all featured masterful guitar work, thanks to the legendary Jimmy Page. So listen up, Activision: do whatever it takes to make a Guitar Hero game for these tight pants-wearing Britons. You wouldn't be rock lovers if you didn't.
    Essential tracks we want to play: "The Ocean," "Whole Lotta Love," "Ramble On".
  • Guns N' Roses

    Despite all the drama, controversy, bad hair, pretence and antics of singer Axl Rose — not to mention the ridiculously long delays between album releases — Guns N' Roses are brilliantly epic. A cameo by erstwhile guitarist Slash in Guitar Hero III was nice, but given the group's large canon of anthems, a dedicated game will be required. To this day, both "Sweet Child O' Mine" and "Welcome to the Jungle" are two of the best playing Guitar Hero tracks ever. More please (but hold the spandex).
    Essential tracks we want to play: "Paradise City," "Estranged," "November Rain".
  • Don't like Aerosmith? What band-specific Guitar Hero would you like to see?
    Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, launching June 29, isn't just a collection of songs grouped together by artist for a stand-alone rhythm game. It's sort of like Behind The Music in interactive form, letting players vicariously relive Aerosmith's 30 year performance history in near-chronological order, from high school to international stardom. So based on mega-platinum sales on multiple occasions (read: broad appeal), a storied history, and anthemic riffs, here are the top five bands we'd like to see in their own Guitar Hero games.
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