How to create the freakiest creatures in Spore

Forgive us, Mother Nature!

  • Wings, horns and more:

    Now it's time to decorate! Horns, wings, spikes, hands, feet, feathers. Everything you need to customize your creature to your heart's desire is included in this extensive section.
  • Add arms and legs:

    If you want your creature to be able to move about in a timely fashion, you may want to think about adding arms and legs. Though, hey, anything's possible in Spore, and you can have a creepy crawler if you so desire.
  • Polly:

    I went a little traditional dragon style with this one, giving him a sharp parrot-like beak and feathered antennae. Don't try and feed this Polly crackers or you might pull back a bloody stump.
  • So you've downloaded the Spore Creature Creator. Good for you. If you haven't, it's time to get in on the fun. Here are a few tips on how to start playing a wacko Mother Nature, followed by some examples of just wild how your imagination can run.

    Start with the body:

    To make a really great creature you need to start out with a strong body shape. Customise yours by using your scrollwheel on the various spine pieces to enlarge or shrink body areas.
  • The Lizaminillinator:

    I felt the need to create an amphibious creature, and so the Lizaminillinator was born. She was named after a famous actress and much like her namesake, she loves to sing show tunes and take too many pills.
  • Feathered Horrificus:

    Until this one, most of my creations were rather "safe." I needed something that fit into the insect category and this one did quite nicely. Just don't try to stick him to a piece of cardboard with a pin or he will tear your head off and eat it.
  • Crococculous:

    I went a little crazy with this one. The main eyestalks are actually arms with eyeballs on the ends of them instead of hands. This causes some insane looking movements when animated. Despite his many eyes, he can't see very far and would do well with some contact lenses.
  • Armored Cheshire:

    I've always been a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, and the Cheshire Cat is a favourite character. I wanted to recreate him but with a little more ability to fight so I added some spikes and armour. Watch your back, Mad Hatter!
  • Leopold:

    Leopold was one of my first standing creatures. He's a bit of a hulk and likes to eat a lot of grass. This, of course, gives him a placid disposition and he enjoys gazing at the moon on hot summer nights.
  • Paint shop:

    Once you have added all the necessary parts, it's time to give your creation a fancy new paint job. You can choose colours, textures and even add stripes, polka dots and many other paint treatments.
  • Cyclopius Solidexterus:

    This creature came from my need to see if something could get around with only one leg. He gets around quite well with hopping and loves to scare small children.
  • Meat or veggies?:

    Your creation is going to need to be able to see and eat if it's going to survive in the big bad world. Adding eyes and a mouth will help, as well as determining if your creature is an omnivore, carnivore or herbivore.
  • Hogulous Protuderous:

    This was an early creation and I wanted to see how many spiky bits I could fit on one creature. Here's the result. He loves to hide amongst green plants and surprise his prey.
  • Wormly:

    I think this is the favorite of all my creations. I wanted to create something simple yet effective and so Wormly was born. He crawls around using his tail and can see in all directions with his many eyes. Sadly, he gets depressed knowing he will never become a flesh-eating butterfly.
  • Mojo:

    Mojo started out as a bear creature but eventually turned out to be more monkey-like. He enjoys helping humans, and doing menial tasks like laundry and vacuuming.
  • Finalize!:

    With your creature completely finished you can drop him/her/it into a few different backdrops and even see what its offspring will look like. You can also experiment with movement, fighting moves, dance moves and expressions. Voila, a new Spore creature is born!
    So now that you're familiar with the Creature Creator, it's time to let loose your creative side. Here's a few of the crazy creatures we set into action.
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