New from WowWee: the most sophisticated robot toys yet!

WowWee unveils advanced robotic companions

  • Panda Cub

  • This curious looking fellow is Mr Personality. Designed to emulate a typical cartoon character, he/it will tell jokes, read your daily fortune and even answer questions about your future. Like most of WowWee’s personal robots, Mr. Personality is fully mobile, with three motorised wheels and multiple sensors allowing him to manoeuvre around objects.

    The toy’s face is displayed on an animated LCD screen which runs the gamut of emotions, from happy to sad. You can even download new personalities from the internet and transfer them directly to the robot via SD memory card or USB.

    Mr Personality will be available from specialist toy stores from September, for a recommended retail price of $399.95.

  • Polar Bear Cub

  • FlyTech Bladestar controller.

  • These robotic toys are called BugBots, but they look rubbish, so that’s enough about them.

  • The Flytech FairyFly is a flying fairy friend who can take to the skies in fantastic fairy adventures (it says here). It can be viewed as a more affordable and girly alternative to the FlyTech Bladestar. Made from high-flex light weight materials which are crash resistant, the toy is perfect for indoor use.

    The FairyFly is controlled via a single-channel wand shaped like a magical sunflower. We’re pretty sure this makes it a 'no go' zone for boys. (Perhaps WowWee will release a bazooka controller to remedy this in the future.)

    The Flytech FairyFly comes in four designs (one for each season) and retails for $79.95.

  • In recent years, toy robots have become popular playthings for kids and kids-at-heart alike. Thanks to recent developments in robotics and computer technology, they are almost like having a living, breathing pet (albeit it a slightly deranged one). WowWee is one of the leading manufacturers of robot-centric toys, with something to suit all tastes and ages. Its new generation of mechanical companions includes innovative creations that walk, talk, crawl, fly and, err, purr. For an inside look at some of the latest models off the robot assembly line, check out the following slideshow.

  • Flytech FairyFly (Spring)

  • WowWee’s FlyTech Bladestar is an innovative flying machine with sensor-based navigation. The toy is able to guide itself through the air with two wings that spin with helicopter-like movement.

    Its built-in infrared sensor allows it to avoid ceilings and obstacles, essentially flying on auto-pilot. Alternatively, you can use the three-channel digital infrared controller to direct its path through the air. Made from ultra-light, high flex materials, the FlyTech Bladestar is suitable for indoor use and won’t break objects or dent furniture.

    FlyTech Bladestar will be available in June from all major retailers and independent toy stores for RRP$99.95

  • Flytech FairyFly (Winter)

  • The Tri-Bot is the latest member of WowWee’s popular Robosapien series of robotic companions. Like its stable mate, Mr Personality, the Tri-Bot has been designed with fun and charisma in mind. It is able to tell jokes, share stories and even play games.

    Tri-Bot is fully autonomous — just turn him on and let him loose. The omni-directional wheel configuration allows the Tri-Bot to speed forward, backward and even sideways, avoiding objects as he goes.

    Tri-Bot will be available in June from all major retailers and independent toy stores for RRP $199.95.

  • Flytech FairyFly (Autumn)

  • White Tiger Cub

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