Aussie designer puts the sex in HyperX

Designer wins grand prize in Kingston competition

  • Premium

  • Adam, who is from Adelaide, explains: "I figured that since HyperX is a breakthrough in memory technology, it opens new doors to applications and technology that [weren't] possible before. In this case, my idea is a character that is half-human/half-robot and only Kingston can deliver her hybrid memory requirements."

  • "HyperX is not just RAM but a gladiator which is meant to conquer”

  • Taiwanese entrant Yu-Wen Huang designed 'Overclocking'.

  • Max Hsu, who is also from Taiwan, designed 'Premium'.

  • Upgrade

  • The winners were announced at this year's Computex show in Taiwan.

  • "Colour blue symbolises the royalty and nobles…"

  • Adam Potter's design, titled 'Upgrade', features a girl with a cybernetic arm. Here's the rendered version...

  • Overclocking

  • ... and here's the real-life version.

  • Adam faced stiff competition from all over the world. Here is 'Gaming Xerra', designed by Malaysian entrant Sierra Chai. She won the overall prize in the Professional group.

  • “HyperX is like a racing car, always breaking the record…"

  • Gaming Xerra

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