LEGO-fied: 6 Lego games we want to play

Will any brave developers have the guts to make these?

  • LEGO Matrix

    LEGO Matrix is clearly a superior concept. Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus are incredibly iconic characters who would translate effortlessly to LEGO minifigs. And can you say "LEGO Bullet Time"? There's also an entire trilogy of classic film scenes to draw upon, though we'd be more interested in a LEGO Smith clone battle than a LEGO Zion orgy scene. Just sayin'...
  • LEGO 300

    "!" Okay, that might be cheesy, but a 300-inspired LEGO game would be anything but. Imagine the epic action scenes, the ice-cold dialogue bellowing from tiny plastic mouths, and the LEGO arterial spray. Oh, and a LEGO Xerxes. This project has to be green lighted immediately — we'll take the standard 10% cut.
  • LEGO Aliens

    LEGO face huggers, LEGO pulse rifles, LEGO Ripley... this premise has "instant classic" written all over it! You'd blast acid-spewing xenomorphs, pilot LEGO dropships, and erect hastily constructed LEGO barricades to block the aliens. The climax would be an epic battle between a LEGO powerloader and the alien Queen. Plus, how awesome would an all-LEGO flamethrower look? Answer: so awesome.
  • LEGO Terminator

    This one's a no-brainer, with a blocky Ah-nold flexing and scowling behind '80s LEGO shades while stalking waitress Sarah Connor. LEGO T2 would work even better, though we're not sure how the T-1000's morphing abilities would be represented using LEGO bricks. A full trilogy treatment would be best here, allowing players to fight in the Machine War from Terminator, zip through the L.A. drainage canals from T2, and defeat the dreaded Terminatrix from Terminator 3.
  • LEGO Back to the Future

    With one classic trilogy already Lego-fied (Star Wars) and another on the way (Batman), it's time for Marty McFly and Doc Brown's exploits to be recreated in brick form. Between Doc's mad dash to set the cables up in 1955, Marty's Hoverboard acrobatics in 2015, and the thrilling train ride in 1885, there's more than enough action for developers to draw upon. What's taking so long? "Hellooooo McFly!"
  • LEGO Dawn of the Dead

    LEGO zombies are both creepy and cute — an ideal combination. Plus, the original film's satire of consumer culture would be the ultimate irony: after all, you're playing a licensed game! Director George Romero would doubtlessly approve, if he's not too busy stinking up the place with another crappy Diary of the Dead movie.
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