iPhone 3G

The phone you’ve been waiting for

  • The iPhone’s built-in accelerometer enables tilt sensitivity for automatic landscape/portrait shifting.

  • The iPhone 3G has a gloss black or white back instead of the original iPhone's anodised aluminium.

  • The iPhone’s iPod interface.

  • iPhone 3G: Gloss white.

  • iPhone 3G: iPod

  • iPhone 3G: App Store

  • iPhone 3G: Phone interface

  • iPhone 3G: Gloss white.

  • iPhone 3G: Photos interface. Users can now also geotag their photos, enabling them to easily determine where the photo was taken.

  • iPhone 3G: YouTube

  • The iPhone 3G: 115.5x62.1x12.3mm at 133g.

  • iPhone 3G: Google Maps, with added Assisted GPS ability.

  • iPhone 3G: Email

  • iPhone 3G: iTunes Store

  • iPhone 3G: SMS with predictive text input and soft keyboard

  • The App Store enables users to purchase and install third-party applications and games in order to further expand the iPhone’s capabilities.

  • Apple Inc. announced the latest iteration of its mobile phone, the new iPhone 3G. The phone adds a number of new features that build on the original iPhone, including support for Microsoft Exchange enterprise email, 3G HSDPA support and Assisted GPS. There is also the new App Store, an Apple initiative that gives users the ability to download and install third-party applications. The iPhone is slated for a local release on 11 July, with announced carrier support from Optus and Vodafone.

  • iPhone 3G: The Safari Web browser is able to render Web pages like a desktop computer.

  • The new mobile will be available in 8GB and 16GB models.

  • iPhone 3G: Calendar

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