Sid Meier's Civilisation Revolution (Xbox 360)

Civilisation-Lite for console users

  • Sid Meier’s classic slow-burn nation-building game Civilisation is coming to the Xbox 360 on 13 June as Sid Meier’s Civilisation Revolution.

  • Their eagerness to leave may have something to do with Macau’s secret nuclear program, evidently coming to a head in 1985.

  • Online play is set to be easier and faster with players able to compete against each other thanks to Xbox Live.

  • Units can still be stacked together to form armies, but Revolution now allows for it to be represented visually on the map and during battles. Stacked units will fight together and nearby naval units will provide fire support.

  • The Civilisation series' main calls to fame are still present. Gamers will still be able to build epic wonders that influence the environment as they research sciences to build bigger and better technologies.

  • The game promises all of the hallmarks of the turn-based title, but with streamlined game play more suited for console controllers and shorter play times. Game maps and tech trees have been simplified and made smaller.

  • China appears to have found the solution to their overpopulation problems — sending colonists to Sid Meier's previous games!

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