The 7 crappiest games of this generation

As we approach the middle era of seventh generation consoles, we list the most miserable games released so far. Dodge these stinkers at all costs. Don't let the following countdown numbers confuse you: these games are all trash.

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2. Anubis II (Wii)

Believe it or not, the developer behind Ninjabread Man released a carbon-copy port of number two on our list a day later. It's called Anubis II, even though there was never an Anubis 1, and it was more PS2 shovelware for Wii. It shares the same miserable game engine as Ninjabread Man, and in doing so, shares the same glitchy gameplay and insipid design. The only thing that makes Anubis II worse than Ninjabread Man is that it exposes players to three hours and 9 levels of excruciatingly painful gameplay, as opposed to the 30 minutes and three levels of Ninjabread Man. Regardless, both games are a disgrace.

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The 7 crappiest games of this generation

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