Top 12 Twitter tools

Feeding the Twitter addiction

  • TwitterBerry: Blackberry fans get their own mobile Twitter client in TwitterBerry. It requires BlackBerry OS 4.0.2+ and users must have the Blackberry Internet Browsing Service. All the latest BlackBerry device models are supported.

  • Snitter: Another Adobe AIR-based desktop client for Windows and Mac. Unlike Twhirl, which can connect to multiple accounts and post to multiple social networks, Snitter is all Twitter business. One unique Snitter feature is the ability to create your own style for the interface through a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). There's even a Flickr group dedicated to showing off cool designs created by users.

  • Twitterific is a nice-looking desktop Twitter application for Mac users. It has controls for layering Twitter messages, switching between friend and public Tweets, and supports multiple Twitter accounts. One downside: It costs US$14.95.

  • Tweetahead: Want to make it look like you're working late on that overdue project? Use Tweetahead, a Mac Dashboard Widget, to post Tweets at a pre-set time in the future. You'll be snoozing, but your Twitter followers will think you're working hard.

  • Twhirl: An Adobe AIR-based desktop Twitter client available for Windows and Mac. Works much like an instant messaging application, letting users see the latest updates from those they're following, post their own updates and reply/direct-message to other Twitterites. It can connect to multiple Twitter and FriendFeed accounts and be used to cross-post updates on Pownce and Jaiku. Supports English, German, Italian and Spanish.

  • Twitbin: A Firefox (2.0+) add-on that lets you access Twitter continuously through a Sidebar window. It features a simple, instant messaging-like interface and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Hellotxt: If you're looking for a quick way to update your status across multiple sites (Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Facebook, MySpace and Bebo) then the Hellotxt dashboard is for you. A couple of keystrokes and every social networking "friend" you have will know what you're up to. In addition to the Web dashboard, there are mobile and Facebook app versions of Hellotxt.

  • Twitter - the exploding social Web phenomenon that lets users post 140-character updates to the simple question "What are you doing?" and follow the posts of friends - is very addicting. When you first start out, the Twitter Web site alone is enough for simple posts and following a few friends. But once your network of followers and those you're following expands, checking back to the Web site every 10 minutes is tedious. Here are 12 tools to help sate your Twitter hunger without having to constantly refresh your browser.

  • Twittervision: For the those that just can't get enough of Twitter, Twittervision is a Google Maps/Twitter mashups that pops the latest public Tweets up on a world map.

  • gTwitter: A Twhirl alternative for Linux users. This Google Code project is a simple desktop interface for posting, reading and responding to Twitter messages.

  • MadTwitter: A Windows-based version of Twitterific. Simple, clean layout for viewing feeds and posting updates.

  • TinyTwitter: Take Twitter on the go with TinyTwitter, a mini-client available for any mobile device that supports Java (including the BlackBerry) or Windows Mobile. Even though you can use Twitter via SMS, TinyTwitter is a great alternative for those who don't have an unlimited text-message plan with their carrier.

  • Twitterlicious: A very simple Twitter client for Windows that shows your latest Twitter messages in chronological order and makes it easy to update your status or respond to friends. Developer claims that Twitterlicious won't lock up when is down (which can be quite a bit).

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