WiiWare hits Australia

Nintendo's new download service

  • Lostwinds follows the tried-and-true adventure format. You take control of a young boy, Toku, and using the Wiimote to control the power of the wind you must guide him through a series of levels and enemies in order to save his homeland.

  • Meanwhile fitting into the category of slightly weird is Pop, a bubble-based puzzle game with a focus on simplicity. Using the Wiimote to aim, players must pop bubbles as they flow down the screen. Different sized bubbles are worth different amounts of points and add more time to your timer, meaning games can go on for some time.

  • Another puzzle-oriented Wiiware title is Toki Tori. Made by Two Tribes, the company responsible for Worms: Open Warefare2, Toki Tori challenges players to navigate their way past a swathe of obstacles using the limited tools at their disposal, such as the Telewarp and the Freeze-o-Matic.

  • One of the hottest of the first batch of release titles was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles — My Life as a King. Sitting somewhere between adventure and simulation, this title puts players into the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles universe and charges them with rebuilding a shattered kingdom.

  • One of the more bizarre titles on the network is the relatively well known Defend your Castle. An adaptation of the classic internet flash game of the same name, this title charges players with... well, defending their castle. You can start off by simply hurling oncoming stick figures away using the cursor, but as the game progresses things become more frantic and more options open up to you.

  • On the opposite end of the spectrum is Star Solider R, which is a vertically scrolling space shooter. It utilises a top-down perspective and is focused on tournament play, allowing people to compete in two minute or five minute matches to achieve the highest score.

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