The most anticipated products we're waiting for this year

Cool products that are due this year

  • Waiting for Spore: The gaming crowd anxiously awaits the September release of a new Electronic Arts game called Spore, the latest creation of Sim City and The Sims designer Will Wright. In the new game, you control a life form that evolves from a microscopic organism in a tide pool to higher stages of life and eventually embarks into space.
  • Android Dreaming: We'll soon see a new class of mobile phones developed on Google's Android, an open-source software platform that includes an operating system. Designed to help mobile devices take full advantage of Net services, Android may seriously challenge Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS. More than 30 companies, including Motorola and Samsung, have joined Google's Open Handset Alliance to develop mobile apps on the platform, and HTC reportedly is already developing an Android phone. Other handset manufacturers are sure to follow.
  • A 3G iPhone: The Achilles' heel of the iPhone is the not-very-fast wireless network it runs on in the US, AT&T's EDGE network. But now that AT&T has built out its far-faster 3G network, the rumour mill is buzzing that a 3G iPhone may appear soon. The faster network will make existing applications — especially real-time apps like video streaming — look better and work more smoothly.
  • The New MacBooks: Many people in the Mac community are putting off buying MacBooks because of speculation that the popular line will undergo an aesthetic and internal overhaul. Apple is likely to apply some of the design themes used on the MacBook Air to the impending MacBook and MacBook Pro revisions. These laptops have long been housed in plastic, but the new ones will likely be covered in environmentally friendlier aluminium, and the older keyboards may give way to the Air's backlit keyboard. The redesigned MacBooks may also carry new, second-generation Intel Penryn chips inside.
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