In pictures: BlueAnt's Supertooth 3

A feature-filled speakerphone with text-to-speech capability

  • The Supertooth 3 features a choice of 6 languages including American English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and British English

  • The Supertooth 3 can be paired with up to 8 devices and supports voice dial activation, redial and call reject.

  • The Supertooth 3 also adjusts sound levels to compensate for loud engine noise or external noise created when the windows are wound down.

  • The Supertooth 3 announces the name or ID of the caller by using text-to-speech technology. When the phone rings, users just say 'OK' to accept the call.

  • Voice prompts provide assistance to help you connect the device with your phone and upload your address book.

  • The device is quickly and easily installed and connected to your mobile phone. Simply slide the metal clip onto your sun-visor and attach the Supertooth 3 via the magnets on the rear of the device.

  • The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 hands-free speakerphone provides a safer, legal alternative to talking on your mobile phone while you drive. The Supertooth 3 will be available in Telstra stores from June 2 and available at other retailers Australia-wide in mid to late June.

  • Its audio quality is a result of using advanced digital signal processing software to eliminate noise and achieve echo cancellation, regardless of whether the car is stationary or travelling at high speed.

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