In pictures: Pool Party for the Wii (with the Wii Wonder Stick!)

Pot some shots!

  • An important part of the game is the pool cue: Players are provided with an extension for the Wii controller that should allow them to feel like they are a part of the environment, minus the petty crime and second-hand smoke.

  • The bundle will retail for $79.99.

  • Bundled as a package with the game is the “Wonder Stick” that provides more traction for users trying to play shots realistically.

  • With a variety of views and angles to take, players can figure out shots and strategies to beat the computer or their human rivals.

  • SouthPeak Interactive’s Pool Party involved players using the Nintendo Wii’s controller as a pool cue as they tried their hands at "hustlin’ pros in dive bars, honky-tonks, mansions and even yachts". Now the game is scheduled for re-release in June 2008, with a “Wonder Stick” attachment included as a package.

  • A variety of characters, table surfaces, 10 environments and up to 13 variations of pool can be selected.

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