TN Games FPS Gaming Vest

Gaming vest lets you feel in-game attacks

  • For gamers who prefer to look pretty in pink while slaughtering alien insurgents, the FPS Gaming Vest is also available in the above fetching colour scheme. We assume this is an attempt by TN Games to appeal to hardcore gamer girls. (Despite never actually seeing one, we’re assured these creatures exist.)

  • Another product in the pipeline is the GFR (G-Force/Racing) Vest. As its name implies, this peripheral is geared towards racing games and flight-based shooters. It simulates the sensation of extreme acceleration, as well as the effects of centrifugation and G-force. It sounds a bit nausea-inducing to us, but each to their own, we guess.

  • The camo edition is identical to the standard black gaming vest. Like its plainer brother, it comes in a range of sizes, from small to XL.

  • While some games have built-in support for the FPS Gaming Vest, most titles will require you to download the 3rd Space Driver. This is a software driver developed by TN Games that will work with a variety of popular first-person shooters. Titles which are currently supported include Call of Duty 4, Crysis, F.E.A.R., Half Life 2, Doom 3 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. You can also download mods from the TN Games website for specific game titles.

  • For more information, check out TN Games’ website.

  • So, you call yourself a hardcore gamer? Well it’s time to back up your claims with the TN Games FPS Gaming Vest. This innovative gaming garment allows you to feel every punch, kick and bullet wound as they are inflicted on your character. What’s more, the vest is sensor-equipped to target different parts of your body!

  • Games like Call of Duty 4 are set to benefit most from the FPS Gaming Vest. (Getting shot in that game is already pretty distressing!) This is bound to add excitement to online death-matches and the like.

  • 3rd Space Incursion is a first person shooter developed specifically for the FPS Gaming Vest. Having never played it we can’t attest to its quality, but if the above screenshot is anything to go by, the game is very much in the ‘budget’ demographic. If nothing else, it should offer a good demonstration of what the vest is capable of.

  • Unlike other force-feedback peripherals, the FPS Gaming Vest targets specific areas of your torso, depending on where your character was hit in the game. This adds an extra element of immersion, with your body receiving identical impacts (well, we don’t mean literally identical. It would be a bit silly if you died from a sucking shotgun wound.)

    The vest features eight air compressor-equipped sensors that can deliver a blow of up to 2.1 kilograms per square centimetre — enough to make an impression without causing you to yelp in pain.

  • Plans are also underway for a TN Games helmet, dubbed the TFX. This is for the truly hardcore gamer, who wants to feel bullets connecting with his head. Apparently, the helmet will also incorporate air jets to simulate bullets whizzing past your ears. This has the potential to hugely increase your sense of immersion in the game world (provided you don’t mind looking like a bit of a tool, that is).

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