It's Lego! It's Batman! It's Lego Batman!

Caped and blocky goodness

  • It’s Lego! It’s Batman! It’s Lego Batman: The Videogame! Following in the footsteps of Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones, this latest addition to the franchise is set to give the caped crusader the same blocky treatment. Check out this slideshow for the latest

  • The Penguin. Not voiced by Danny DeVito.

  • Mini-games ahoy!

  • The character designs are clearly inspired by the original comics, rather than the rubber-nippled movies. We approve.

  • Harely Quinn, vamping it up as usual.

  • It’s Scarecrow and Mr Freeze! We think.

  • Cor, blimey! Etc.

  • Batman, chilling with a homie. Yesterday.

  • Two Face, looking moody.

  • Who said white men can't jump? [You're all fired – editor]

  • The Joker looks a bit rubbish. Is that a grin or a grimace?

  • We don't recall Lego men looking this cool when we were young

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