Top 10 Google flubs, flops and failures

Not everything Google touches turns to gold. These are some of Google's biggest nonstarter Web services, software programs, and business moves.

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Google Hangs Up On Google Voice Search
From the Google department of way-before-its time came Google Voice Search. The service, which was originally an experiment within Google Labs, was launched in 2003 and worked like this. First, visit the Google Voice Search site. Next, call the phone number on the screen and speak your keyword search query. Then go back to your browser, click on the link on the Google Voice Search site, and bingo, a window with the search results appears.
No wonder this service got nixed. Searching the Web like this is comparable to calling up your brother-in-law to drive across town and brush your teeth for you before you go to bed. On the other hand, this cool technology experiment was a precursor to mobile phone services of today such as ChaCha and Google's own, very handy Google 411 service.

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Top 10 Google flubs, flops and failures

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