Is GTA IV the Best Video Game of All Time?

We present the case for and against

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Reasons why GTA IV is great #1: It’s GTA!

The Grand Theft Auto series can only be described as something of a cultural phenomenon. Ever since GTA III steered its way into gamers' hearts, other developers have attempted to cash-in on the open-world crime craze. They’ve all had a shot at building their own virtual sandbox — but most of them are filled with the wrong kind of toys.
There is something indelibly 'Rockstar' about GTA that’s impossible to replicate. Part of it is the zany sense of humour and fast-but-loose playing style. Another aspect is the sheer variety of missions on offer and the eclectic radio soundtrack. Like the immortals in the film Highlander, there can only be one Grand Theft Auto (appropriately, like the film the development team is based in the Scottish Highlands). Accept no substitutes.

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