Western Digital VelociRaptor: 10K spin speed for workstations and gaming PCs

2.5in, 10,000rpm drive for enterprise and enthusiast users alike

  • The striking design of the VelociRaptor is actually critical to the drive's performance: its small platters have a density of 150GB each, and they spin at 10,000rpm, so the heads can access more data over a shorter distance than most drives. With two platters installed, the VelociRaptor has a total capacity of 300GB. And while the drive itself is approximately the size of a notebook hard drive, it won't actually fit into a notebook as it's a little bit thicker (15mm) than a standard notebook drive. Not only that, but it requires 12V to run, whereas typical notebook drives are 5V.

  • VelociRaptor packs the highest capacity of any Raptor to date, despite being physically smaller, and it also consumes less power than the previous Raptor. This is primarily due to the motors spinning physically smaller platters and the heads not having to travel as far to access data.

  • VelociRaptor is a Serial ATA hard drive with a difference: it packs 300GB of data in an almost-notebook-sized drive, it spins at 10,000rpm, and it has a mean time between failure of 1.4 million hours. It's designed for mission-critical environments that require fast response times. But, as was the case with the previous Raptor drives, enthusiast PC users are sure to want to equip their rig with one or more of these drives.

  • Cooling had to be addressed in this drive, which could get quite warm due to its spin speed. Western Digital has taken a novel approach to this problem by attaching a heat sink — called IcePack — which also acts as a mounting frame so that the drive can easily be installed in a 3.5in hard drive bay without requiring any after-market brackets.

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