RED professional camera range

Super hi-res digital video cameras

  • The SCARLET is a "pocket professional" video camera, recording at 3K resolution to a CompactFlash card. Like the EPIC, the SCARLET will be released on to the market in early 2009 at a price of around $US3000.

  • When compared to 1080p, 720p and DVD resolution it is obvious that these new cameras have a lot of potential. International release dates are still to be set for all RED products.

  • Unveiled at the National Association of Broadcasters 2008 conference, the range of RED professional camera products includes the EPIC, which records video at 5K resolution, far ahead of even the full HD 1080p now becoming common in display panels and found on Blu-ray media.

  • To play all of these formats the RED RAY disc drive is required. The RED RAY drive uses a standard red DVD laser, and an efficient codec means up to two hours of content can be delivered on a standard DVD disc.

  • Able to be mounted on all RED cameras are a small number of lenses, covering a wide range of zoom needs.

  • Also released was the RED ONE, which records video at cinema-quality 4K resolution. The RED ONE is now available for purchase online.

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