Top 10 Online April Fool's Pranks for 2008

This year's top 10 April Fool's day pranks were not only funny, but had lots of effort put into them as well.

  • 8

    Clairvoyant Google search engine
    Yes, Google is up to its old tricks. This year they claim the Google search engine can now search 24 hours into the future, indexing pages before they’re even created!
  • 10

    Not contented to working outside commercial boundaries, the Swedish-based PirateBay decided to pretend it was being forced by new Swedish laws to move its servers to the Sinai peninsular, Egypt, where it would continue its underbelly operations.
  • 1

    YouTube Rick Rolls the world
    This may not have been the most elaborate scam, but it was a great laugh and that’s really what the day is about, no? Anyone who clicked on one of the featured videos during the day would have experienced what is commonly known as a ‘Rick Roll’. You’ll know you’ve been Rick Rolled if you click on a link thinking one thing and end up staring at a video clip of Rick Astley. Well, YouTube’s Rick Roll account ‘YTRickRollsYou’ didn’t give up or let us down ALL day – forwarding unsuspecting users to Rick heaven until the clock ticked midnight.
  • 6

    Virgin’s No Chair Fare
    Can’t afford a flight, not even an economy ticket? Fear not, for Virgin has offered a special April Fool's special deal. If you’re willing to stand the whole flight you’ll get the best deal around. That’s right…stand! Normal booking fees and surcharges still apply.
  • 2

    IGN’s Zelda Movie Preview
    Haven’t had it ‘up to here’ with video game movies and overblown fantasy films yet? IGN announced its exclusive look at the new Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess film. What’s beautiful about this prank is the production effort they went to in order to make the preview. They even created a Web site for the production company, Rainfall films, which according to one forum post, is also working on the film ‘God Mode’. Can’t wait.
  • 4

    Latest Xbox 360 toys
    April Fool's seems to be a great day for advanced technology releases. This year Microsoft jumped on the bandwagon with the release of four new Xbox 360 products, including a full helmet with 5.1 surround sound and a “flex-plasma” screen, a Recon edition Xbox 360, a LIVE board game and our favourite, the retro Xbox 360 with wood finish and retro joystick.
  • 5

    Gmail cheats time
    Forgot a birthday or said you’d sent something when you didn’t? Never fear, Gmail now offers the ability to back date your e-mails so it looks like you were as diligent as you’d like to look, even if you’re not.
  • 9

    Australian Advertising Agency (Amnesia Group)
    The Amnesia group claimed to have created a banner-ad, in conjunction with the NSW Brain Institute, which caused people to trust the banner almost unconditionally. It’s no surprise that they claimed to have several prominent politicians already interested.
  • 7

    The iPhone DevTeam sells out
    iPhone enthusiasts may have skipped a heartbeat yesterday when they clicked on the DevTeam’s homepage to find that, not only will the upcoming Pwnage tool not be released, ever, but the developers had shut up shop in an alleged sell-out.
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