DJ mixing off USB keys

  • It’s still a convenient little mixer though, and quite portable. From the slide above you might be able to see all of its available inputs and outputs. The USB ports are easy to find, even from above, thanks to clear markings on the top of the mixer, and all the knobs and sliders are easy to manipulate. It's not a mixer for a pro, but if you want to start tinkering in audio mixing with actual hardware devices, or if you need something for a function room, it's not a bad start.

  • The built-in play/pause pads and skip buttons allow you to select tracks from USB keys, but it’s not an easy task to beat-mix. Alas, there is a delay between the moment you press play and the moment you hear the music. It’s possible to anticipate the delay, especially if all the tracks on your USB keys have already been beat-matched in a software editor, but the delay is nevertheless frustrating.

  • If you’re a music junkie you probably own albums in all the formats shown above, as well as tape and, if you are really hardcore… Mini Disk! There comes a time in every music junkie’s life when the need to create fanciful mix tapes and CDs is overbearing and something must be done about it. Luckily for us, these days there are many options, including the ability to mix music on the PC, but it’s more fun to use a real-live mixer and DJ-Tech’s MX-120 USB mixer is a good start.

  • The DJ-Tech MX-120 USB can mix from two source channels, but it’s the input from those channels that makes it interesting. Not only can you hook up CD players and other line level devices, as well as record players, you can also plug in and mix music from USB keys and iPod Nanos.

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