In Pictures -- Xbox 360 DIY Repair

  • STEP 6:
    The moment of truth -- switch your console back on. If the power indicator is green, you’ve successfully insulated your Xbox 360, causing it to self repair. Hurrah!
  • In Pictures -- Xbox 360 DIY Repair

  • STEP 5:
    Feel around for the indicator again and switch your console off. You can now unwrap it and remove the towels. To give it a chance to cool down, leave the console switched off for another 15 minutes or so. (Resist the impulse to check early!)
  • The household towel is a truly wondrous thing. In addition to drying your hair and skin, they make fetching novelty turbans and play an integral part in the delivery of newborn babies (we saw it in a movie once). However, all this is small potatoes compared to the towel’s true calling in life -- as saviour to broken Xbox 360s the world over.

    That’s right; with just two ordinary towels (or two extraordinary beach towels), it is possible to reverse the dreaded red-ring-of-death and nurse your X360 back to a healthy green glow. (Let’s see a flannelette do that). Instead of waiting up to a month for Uncle Bill to fix your console, you could be playing Halo 3 again in around 30 minutes.

  • STEP 4:
    Now we play the waiting game. You need to leave your console swaddled and switched on for around 20 minutes. For obvious reasons relating to house fires, we advise not leaving it unattended during this process.
  • STEP 2: Remove all the cables from your Xbox except for the power cord -- the console should be plugged in, but switched off.
  • So how does this curious towel-related remedy work exactly? Well, first of all, your console needs to be suffering from general hardware failure -- otherwise known as the red-ring-of-death. If the power indicator has changed colour from green to red, you should be in luck, but if it’s belching smoke and emitting sparks of electricity, we advise leaving your 'toolbox' on the towel rack.

    Naturally, we make no guarantees that this unorthodox method will permanently fix your console, but with a bit of luck, your dearly departed machine should make a Lazarus-style comeback. What have you got to lose?

    To follow our ridiculously easy step-by-step instructions, read on!

  • STEP 3:
    Grab a second towel and wrap the console up snugly, so only the electricity cord is visible. Then place it horizontally on the first towel. Feel around to locate the power indicator on your console, without disturbing the towel. Press it in to activate it.
  • STEP 1:
    Grab a decent sized towel and fold it in half. Then lay it down on a nice flat surface. (We told you these steps were easy!)
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