Top 12 Google GPhonies

  • Close, but no iPhone
    This beauty fits the right footprint (or hand print, in this case), but the screen seems too small. Again, Apple has set the bar here with the iPhone's gorgeous display.
  • Looks more like a GPod White? That seems to iPod-ish to us. And the keyboard looks awkwardly placed for typing (even just entering search queries).
  • Once you've been touched, you can't go back
    Too many hard keys on the front (the pull out keyboard is great though). Apple set the bar with its touch screen - Google will need to follow.
  • Too Star Trekky
    Way too futuristic looking and the glass display may not perform well in brightly lit backgrouns. Plus, it's oversized - there's no way that'll fit in your pants pocket.
  • An Apple day...
    After all the hype and speculation, my question is: Why is Google even making a phone? They should just partner with Apple to make the iPhone even better!
  • Google + phone = ?
    Google is putting the final touches on a mobile-phone project, but unlike Apple's iPhone the so-called GPhone is all about software for mobile carriers and mobile advertisers. But everyone is asking, what will a GPhone look like? The Internet is already abuzz with 'Photoshopped' speculation. Here's a look at our favorites so far, and why or why not these would work.
  • Tablets are for ancient times
    Seems too "tablety" for us with those square corners. Who wants a mini-notebook in their pocket. Rounded edges (Web 2.0!) is in
  • HTC could work
    HTC makes some nice gear, so Google partnering with them would not be a bad idea. The slide out keyboard would be great for entering data and doing searches. The big screen is a plus for wasting time watching YouTube videos.
  • Chocolate-covered Google
    The Chocolate phone (it was the "it" phone before the iPhone) has been done before, so why copy? And a standard numeric keypad wouldn't make the GPhone standout from its Apple competition.
  • A knob-phone? Don't think so
    Too many extraneous parts. The knob looks like it would get caught when the phone is being put into or pulled out of a pocket and the attachments would definitely get lost.
  • Survey says: Wah-wah
    The slide-open keyboard is a nice touch, but the four buttons on the front look like a bad '80s TV game show.
  • The big "G" on the little "t"?
    Google running on T-Mobile? You'd think they'd target one of the big three (Verizon Wireless, Sprint or AT&T). Plus, the Sidekick was cool in 2006. But since the iPhone, 2006 seems like 10 years ago.
  • Close, but no cigar
    This is the right idea - big, full-length touch-screen for navigating, but seems to be missing a real keyboard for true data entry. No one wants to do Google Apps on a soft keyboard.
  • Way off the mark
    Google is about information, not gaming. And the stylus is so yesterday
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