In Pictures: Top 10 smart phones

The best 10 smart phones!

  • 3. RIM BlackBerry Curve
    The Curve is a BlackBerry with a full QWERTY keyboard, but it adds a much needed dose of style.
    Rating: 4Review
  • 10. Motorola MOTO Q9h
    The MOTO Q 9h boasts HSDPA capabilities, the latest Windows Mobile 6 operating system and a well designed QWERTY keyboard - all-in-all, this is a versatile, well designed and feature packed smart phone.
    Rating: 3.75Review
  • 2. Nokia E61i
    A full QWERTY keyboard, large display, push email support, native Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the ability to make VoIP calls makes the E61i an outstanding device.
    Rating: 4.5Review
  • 7. Apple iPhone
    We know its not available in Australia yet, but the hype of the already famous iPhone means it deserves a place in our list. Unfortunately, we'll have to keep drooling until 2008.
    Rating: 4Review
  • 5. Nokia E65
    The E65 is a feature packed handset, offering functions typical of current smart phones without compromising design.
    Rating: 4Review
  • 9. O2 Xda Flame
    A fully-fledged smart phone with a dedicated graphics processor, O2's Xda Flame also has a whopping 2GB of internal memory, a 3.6in VGA touch screen and a TV-out feature.
    Rating: 4Review
  • 6. Palm Treo 750
    A Palm running Windows Mobile? You better believe it. The HSDPA capable Treo 750 is one of the best Windows Mobile smart phones on the market.
    Rating: 4Review
  • 8. O2 Xda Atom Exec
    O2's Xda Atom Exec combines a compact and lightweight form factor, elegant styling and a great features list to produce an excellent all-round smart phone.
    Rating: 4Review
  • 4. RIM BlackBerry 8800
    The 8800 boasts built-in GPS to a device already packed with features. Combined with the design overhaul, this sleek and stylish BlackBerry is definitely a winner.
    Rating: 4Review
  • 1. RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8100
    The Pearl is a BlackBerry that appeals to the regular consumer, but sacrifices none of RIM's email functionality in providing a compact form factor and multimedia capabilities.
    Rating: 4.5Review
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