Windows 11 superguide: News, tips, reviews and more

This is your one-stop shop for all of our Windows 11 information.

Microsoft has already unwittingly provided us with an early look at Windows 11 via an unauthorized leak of an early Windows 11 build. It’s noteworthy for its streamlined Start menu and simplified taskbar, layered on top of what looks a lot like Windows 10.

As Microsoft eventually announces and then rolls out what we expect to be Windows 11, bookmark this page to keep up with the latest news, tips, and reviews of Windows 11. Scroll down for our hands-on and video walkthrough of Windows 11, too.

Windows 11 News

Windows 11’s expected announcement: Microsoft will hold a “what’s next for Windows” event at 11 a.m. ET on Thursday, June 24. We’ll have coverage of what Microsoft announces at the event, which we’re pretty sure will be Windows 11.

Windows 11 leak is “incomplete:” We’re told that the leaked build of Windows 11 isn’t close to the final build. We’ll see.

When will Windows 11 ship? Here’s what we know: We can use history to help us determine when Windows 11 will ship. Here’s our timeline for when you can expect it. 

If Windows 10 was the “last Windows,” what’s Windows 11? As with many questions, the answer is “it depends!” We explain how this statement came about, and why it didn’t really represent Microsoft’s corporate policy at the time.

How Windows 11 could solve Windows 10’s worst problems: Windows 10 had its share of annoyances. We list the problems with Windows 10 that we hope Microsoft will fix in Windows 11.

Windows 11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Coming soon! As we write these, we’ll add them here.

Windows 11 Reviews and Guides

While we don’t have a formal review of Windows 11 yet, we have been able to download the leaked build of Windows 11 and show you some of its features. Check out our hands-on and video review for more.

Windows 11 hands-on (leaked build): We downloaded the leaked build of Windows 11 and installed it. Here is information on everything from the installation process, to the setup, the new Start menu and Taskbar, and more. 

Windows 11 video hands on (leaked build): We accompanied our hands-on of Windows 11 with a video overview of some of the new features. Check it out! We’ll almost certainly have another after an official build of Windows 11 is released.

Seven big ways Windows 11 differs from Windows 10: Windows 10 users will want to know what they’re getting in Windows 11. We explain.

Windows 11 Tips

We don’t want to promise too much before Microsoft releases an official build. We’ll have more tips as Windows 11 draws closer.

How to make Windows 11’s Start menu look like Windows 10: Some people might not like Windows 11’s simplified, centered Start menu and Taskbar. But there’s a way to go back to the more familiar Windows 10 Start menu, complete with Live Tiles.