Telstra take $15/month off the cost of their top-end plans

Telstra's most expensive mobile plans are getting a little cheaper this month.

Both new and existing Telstra customers are eligible for the deal, which sees the telco discounting their 100GB and 150GB plans by $15/month for the first twelve months after signup. It's a no-contract plan, so you're free to drop down to a cheaper plan once the discount period expires.

If you're after the 100GB plan, that means you'll be paying AU$65/month rather than the usual AU$80/month. If you opt for the 150GB option, you're paying AU$85/month instead of AU$100/month. Regardless of which you choose, the discount here works out to AU$180 in savings over the life of the plan.

The offer lasts until June 30 and can be paired up with a new handset if you're thinking of upgrading to something shiny and new. Check out the widget below if you're not sure where to start: