Best Australian EOFY TV Deals

Even if the lockdown restrictions are loosening, chances are you’re still watching tons more on Netflix and other streaming services than you used to. And, if you feel like your home theater experience would benefit from a bigger or better screen, Australian EOFY is a great time to drop the cash on one. 

Most brands use the occasion to clear out older or aging stock at discounted prices - so why not take advantage of it and save a little bit of money. If that sounds like your kind of thing, check out the list below for our round-up of the best Australian EOFY TV Deals we’ve seen so far:

How long do Australian EOFY deals usually last?

Australia's Financial Year ends on the 30th of June with the new financial year beginning on July 1st. Typically, retailers and other outlets looking to capitalize on the occasion to move excess stock will announce deals in the weeks before that date. Most of these promotions expire when the new financial year begins or when stock runs out - whatever comes first.

Why are there so many EOFY sales?

The middle of the year might seem like a weird time for major retailers to run steep discounts on big TVs but, since most businesses prefer to start their financial year with as little excess stock as possible, it makes a lot of sense. The hefty savings often found during EOFY are a great incentive for consumers to pull the trigger on products they'd be eyeing off anyway.

How do EOFY sales compare to other seasonal sales events like Black Friday or Boxing Day?

It really depends what you're looking for or expecting. EOFY is more about clearing older stock or excess stock that won't sell fast enough than it is discounting the big tech item of the season.

Hisense VIDAACredit: Hisense
Hisense VIDAA

If you're looking to nab a big-ticket item like a new TV or laptop, the EOFY sales period tends to be pretty compelling. However, other sales events slated for later in the year such as Amazon's Prime Day tend to be better if you're looking for smaller gadgets like headphones or other stocking-stuffers.

What other Australian EOFY deals are happening?

You can check out our round-ups of the best Australian EOFY deals through the links below: