Riot prep Valorant for global launch on June 2nd

Riot's free-to-play tactical shooter Valorant is finally ready for release.

The closed beta for the game will wrap up on May 28th, ahead of a global launch on June 2nd. Riot say they'll be resetting the progress of beta accounts so that new and more-experienced players both start at the same place when it comes to in-game rank.  

“Our goal has always been to bring Valorant to as much of the world as soon as possible, so we're hyped to be able to do so on June 2,” said Anna Donlon, Executive Producer at Riot Games.

“The team looks forward to starting our decades-long commitment to servicing the global Valorant community. This is just the beginning of our journey together.”

While the launch day patch will add some new content to the game, Riot say that new agents, maps and modes will be coming shortly after launch.

The developer are also looking to fast-track additional server deployments in Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid and Warsaw in order to lower latency for players who live near or connect through those regions. No word yet on when or whether players living in Australia or New Zealand will get local servers. 

Valorant launches on PC on June 2nd, 2020.