Which streaming service should you cancel first?



Unless you’re Disney, most video streaming services aren’t really looking to topple Netflix. Instead, they’re competing to be your second streaming service of choice. The one you crack open when you're bored of Netflix.

Of course, even as coronavirus keeps more consumers home, most people aren’t going to stay subscribed to Amazon Prime Video, Kayo, Stan and even Quibi at the same time. For a run-down on every streaming service in Australia, click here.

Keeping those looking to cut costs in mind, we’ve rounded up our picks for which Australian streaming services are offering the least amount of value right now:

Our choice: Quibi

quibi-primary-100837650-orig.jpgCredit: Quibi

Look, chances are, if you went to trouble of checking out micro-content streaming platform Quibi, you’ve probably seen the best it has to offer. You’ve travelled the globe with The Shape of Pasta, you’ve dug into the bizarrely autobiographical Dummy and you’ve delighted in the chaos of Dishmantled. 

As the pandemic has driven more consumers towards streaming services, Quibi has failed to keep up. To offset delays on the production side of things, they’ve had to slow their content release cadence and, when episodes are only a couple of minutes to begin with, that doesn’t bode well for the service. 

At this stage, Quibi has enough novelty and unique appeal to remain worth checking out but the argument for sticking with it past your 90 day free trial doesn’t hold up in light of both the price and the alternatives. 

Also consider: Kayo

Credit: Kayo

If you haven’t already, now is probably the time to consider unsubscribing from Foxtel’s sport-focused streaming service Kayo. Ordinarily, Kayo offers up a compelling lineup of content that covers both local leagues like the AFL and NRL and international fare like the NBA and NFL. 

However, with coronavirus quarantine measures cancelling or postponing most of those sporting leagues, you’re not really the value you would otherwise expect for your AU$25 (or AU$35) a month. You’re still getting access of on-demand content and a range of sports documentaries but minus the live sport side of the equation, Kayo doesn’t look nearly so compelling.

Right now, if you’re looking to save some money and are still subscribed to Kayo, you should probably cut your losses until things return to normal.

For further information about how to cancel Kayo, click here.

We plan to update this article on a monthly basis, so be sure to check back in the future.