Apple adds new Get Up! weekly playlist to Apple Music

The good vibes playlist is updated every Sunday.

Apple has added a new programmatically-generated playlist to Apple Music. The new Get Up! playlist is meant to feature “happy-making, smile-finding, sing-alonging music,” according to Apple. As with other weekly playlists, the tracks are chosen by a mix of algorithm and human editors.

You can find the new playlist in the “For You” section of Apple Music. The weekly selection of “For You” playlists, and the days in which they are updated, is as follows:

  • Sunday: Get Up! Mix
  • Monday: Favorites Mix
  • Tuesday: none
  • Wednesday: Friends Mix
  • Thursday: New Music Mix
  • Friday: none
  • Saturday: Chill Mix

It would appear that Apple still has two days to fill in its weekly algorithmic playlist rotation.