Telstra and Optus slash iPhone XS plan prices



With the new iPhone 11 Pro having stolen the crown for Apple's most luxe smartphones, it's becoming cheaper than ever to grab yourself an iPhone XS.

As of this month, both Optus and Telstra are running some pretty significant discounts on the iPhone XS. Optus are slashing $19.32 off the monthly cost of getting the device on a 36-month plan. Over the life of the plan, that discount works out to just shy of $700 in savings.

If you're looking for less of a long-term commitment, Optus are also offering a $28.98 per month discount on 24 month plans for the iPhone XS - which works out to same $700 discount.

Telstra's discounts don't cut quite as deeply. They're shopping around an $18/month discount on 36 month iPhone XS plans and a $27/month discount on 24 month plans for the device. Over the life of the plan, things shake out to a neat $650 discount on the price of the device.

All up, these price cuts mean that you can now grab a 64GB iPhone XS from $79.50/month with 10GB of data through Optus or from $91/month with 15GB of data through Telstra.

Again, opting for a 36-month plan lets you push that monthly cost even lower. A 36-month Optus plan with 10GB of data gets you the iPhone XS for just $66/month while the same 15GB Telstra plan described above goes for a slightly-pricier $77.33/month.

The only catch to speak of here is that, should you bail on your plan early, you'll forfeit the device discount for the remaining months of the plan - which could end up costing you more money than letting things play out at a normal pace.

In our review of the iPhone XS, we said that "I wouldn’t necessarily say that iPhone XS is the iPhone that’s going to pull Android users back into the Apple ecosystem but if you’re considering doing just that and are willing to part with the money, it’s hard to think of a better option here."