Need a cheap phone or SIM on short notice? Optus' Amazon offering is 40% off

Optus are offering up to 40% savings on their Uni Essentials range, which includes selected Oppo smartphones and prepaid SIM kits.

For example, the Oppo AX5s is 19% off - which brings the price down to AU$153. That's not too shabby a discount for a device that originally launched in 2019 at an RRP of AU$299.

In our review of the Oppo AX5s, we said that "Sure, the AX5s has cut a few corners., it does share many of the same weaknesses with its predecessor. But when you factor in the exceptional battery life, improved processor and updated design, it’s hard not to dig what Oppo are selling here."

You can also grab a AU$30 prepaid voice starter kit for AU$15 rather than the usual AU$25 here.

For a full run-down of Optus' discounted Uni Essentials range, click here.

Alternatively, If you're more of a SIM-only person - check out the widget below for a round-up of popular Optus post-paid plans.