Seagate show off new modular Lyve Drive storage solution

Seagate are reforming their data storage solutions into a new collection of products branded Lyve Drive.

Shown off at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, the Lyve Drive lineup is a new collection of modular storage solutions pitched at businesses handling increased amounts of edge and cloud data. There are five products in all, including

  • Lyve Drive Cards - 1TB in size, these potable storage cards rely on the CFexpress standard and come bundled with a card reader.
  • Lyve Drive Shuttle - This unit offers up to 16TB of portable storage and features an e-ink display to allow for fast and easy file transfer
  • Lyve Drive Mobile Bay - This sealed, high performance storage rig combines 6 of Seagate’s 18TB Exos HAMR (heat-assisted magnetic recording) hard drives for a total capacity of 108TB.
  • Lyve Drive Modular Array - Essentially, this is a leaner version of the mobile bay with 4-bays rather than six.
  • Lyve Drive Rackmount Receiver - This is a datacenter 4U rackmount ingestion hub that accepts two Lyve Drive arrays for high-speed data transfer directly into a data center and without the need for any cables.

“Data empowers those who can harness and activate it,” said Jeff Fochtman, vice president of marketing for Seagate. 

“However, today’s data management tools are too costly and inefficient for businesses to tap into data’s full value. Lyve Drive is Seagate’s first step toward a unified data experience, which will turn data’s possibilities into tangible growth for the world’s most critical industries.”

Australian pricing and availability for the Seagate Lyve Drive range is to be confirmed. 

Disclosure - our coverage of CES 2020 was sponsored by Intel and Dell, who covered the cost of our flights to the US and our accommodation for the duration of our stay in Las Vegas.