Circles.Life's 100GB for $28 deal remains hard to beat

If Circles.Life's unique app isn't catching your attention, the NVMO are betting this deal will.

Previously offered back in November, Circles are reviving a promotion that nets new subscribers a total of 103GBs of mobile data for just AU$28/month.

If you haven't heard of Circles.Life before, they launched into Australia last month with a focus on the customer experience and a bespoke app that promises to become more feature rich over time.

Overall, the terms and conditions here aren't too taxing. You pay AU$28 a month, you get 100GBs a month for the first twelve months you're with Circle. You also get Circle's usual 3GB of bill shock protection data, which when factored in, brings the total up to 103GB/month.

Check out the widget below for a look at how Circle's latest deal compares to other plans with at least 100GB: