IFA 2019: Hisense's new 5K TV has a 21:9 aspect ratio

IFA's coolest TV concept probably isn't coming to Australia

Hisense are showing off a new Movie Wall TV with a 21:9 aspect ratio at this year's IFA in Berlin.

While it runs on the same VIDAA smart TV interface found in the company's other 2019 models and boasts a similarly QLED-enhanced level of picture quality, the most eye-catching thing about the Hisense Movie Wall is the aspect ratio. 

More rectangular and cinematic than pretty much anything else on the market, it rocks a stylish 21:9 aspect ratio and 442 zones of local dimming.

As a side effect of the unique form-factor, Hisense have also been able to push the pixel count on the Movie Wall up to 5K. It also supports both Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos, the latter enhanced by a set of two shoulder-mounted soundbars built into the frame of the TV. 

Of course, the catch here is that you just know there's basically no way a product this cool is actually going to make it to the Australian market. If you want to buy a Hisense Movie Wall, you're probably going to have to import it and, although Hisense couldn't give us any sort of firm international pricing, it's certainly not going to be cheap. Still, it's definitely one of the cooler things we've at this year's IFA. 

PC World Australia has reached out to Hisense Australia for additional clarity around the Movie Wall's pricing and availability. We'll update our story when we hear back from them.

Disclosure - PC World Australia's coverage of this year's IFA in Berlin was sponsored by Lenovo who covered the costs of our flights and accommodation.