Four reasons to buy an Always-Connected PC

A laptop with its own data plan can deliver big payoffs. Here are five benefits of owning an Always-Connected computer.

Laptops have always been a perfect blend of portability and power, making them the ideal solution for working whether you’re at home, in the office or out on the road. But, unlike smartphones and some tablets which have LTE capabilities, most laptops can’t stray too far from a coffee shop, hotel, or your apartment before they go offline. That’s where Always-Connected PCs come in, bringing with them the biggest step forward in mobile technology since the introduction of the smartphone itself. No Wi-FI? No problem. You can connect select HP laptops securely wherever work takes you on America's most reliable network, Verizon*. 

Work wherever you want 

As an Always-Connected PC uses its own LTE data, it means you can work, access the web and stay in touch with people while you’re on the bus, in the park, or anywhere you can get a signal – just like a smartphone.  

The advantage over those pocket devices is that you have a much larger display, keyboard, and touchpad, plus the full power of Windows 10 at your fingertips. No more cramped adjustments to spreadsheets, documents, or having to scroll through mobile versions of websites, instead there’s space to see what you’re doing and the tools to get stuff done.  

And with Verizon LTE your connection to the web is securely encrypted and always on. 

Long battery life 

With the latest efficient Intel processors and fast SSD drives, Always-Connected PCs can achieve the kind of battery life that puts even devices like iPads to shame. For example, the HP’s EliteBook range of powerful, portable laptops offer in excess of 50 hours of battery life. Pair this with the go-anywhere nature of Verizon’s best-in-class superfast LTE web connectivity and you have the ultimate travel companion for work or entertainment.   

Faster and more secure connections 

Another advantage of an LTE connection is speed. Thanks to world class internal modems and Verizon’s fast, reliable network, Always-Connected PCs such as HP’s EliteBook, ProBook and ZBook range can deliver performance that,in many cases, is faster than Wi-Fi. This makes downloading movies and music or streaming content when you’re out and about much more convenient.  

That’s not all though, as all of this is done over the secure, private, encrypted Verizon LTE network rather than the easily hackable public Wi-Fi hotspots that most of us use all the time. So, if you value your data and time, Always-Connected devices protect both.  

It works the way you do 

Tablets and smartphones are excellent devices for consuming media, but when you want to create things yourself they often involve various workarounds to achieve things that are second nature to a PC. Powerful, portable laptops such as those from HP not only offer the form factor and convenience of a slimline laptop, but run full versions of Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and all other leading software, plus they’re compatible with all Windows peripherals.  

This means there’s no need to learn new ways to use your device, it already works the way you do, and with Verizon LTE it works wherever you do too. Find out more: 

* Based on RootMetrics® U.S. National RootScore® Report 2H 2018 of 4 mobile networks. Results may vary. Award is not endorsement. Visit