Belkin show off a snazzy new way to recharge your Apple Watch

Belkin are introducing a nifty-looking wireless power bank designed for use with the Apple Watch.

The Belkin BOOST UP Power Bank 2K for Apple Watch promises to offer up to 63-hours extra of battery life, depending on your model and usage patterns. Given that battery life is pretty much the one universal complaint among Apple Watch owners, that's a bump that'll probably be appreciated.

And as far as power banks go, this thing is pretty sleek and minimalist. Outside of a Micro-USB port used to charge the unit and an LED screen that displays the battery life, there aren't many physical features to take note of here. You simply wrap your Apple Watch around the accessory and you'll be good to go.

It's not really a feature per say, but the clean black and white design also seems like it'll make aligning the coils within your Apple Watch and Belkin charger that little bit easier.

In Australia, the Belkin BOOST UP Power Bank 2K comes in at a recommended retail price $99. It's available from today through

Belkin Australia say it'll be coming to JB Hi-Fi at a later date.